Being in a relationship is wonderful and can also incredibly challenging. The truth is, relationships are a practice. They require attention and curiosity. They are also a place that will inevitably show us where we get stuck and what we need to work on in our self and with our partner.

Couples often enter therapy because they are having trouble communicating and listening to each other. If you and your partner experience frequent misunderstandings, fighting, resentment, or the feeling that the other person doesn’t understand you, couples therapy can help.

Whether you are healing from a breach of trust, embarking on the journey of engagement/marriage or parenthood, struggling with infertility or pregnancy, wanting to learn more effective ways to communicate with one another, or even if you are looking for support to say goodbye in a loving way, couples therapy can help.

The benefits of couples therapy include:

  • Learning to communicate more effectively
  • Healing from grief
  • Decreasing fighting and reactivity
  • Learning compassionate expression, disclosure, and resolution of painful emotions
  • Learning to state your needs clearly and openly within your relationship
  • Working through unresolved issues
  • Learning how to negotiate for change within your relationship